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What Does A Brown Recluse Look Like?


A Brown recluse spider is perhaps the most dangerous spider in the United States of America. The bite from a brown recluse can be fatal, but these have been far a few in between. These spiders are mostly found in Louisiana, and people in this region are warned to be very careful when they are cleaning up in spring. The bite from the spider may not be felt at the time of getting bitten, but it soon becomes very painful and can be very serious. Most people get bitten by the spider when they pout on their clothes without shaking them first. The spider loves to hide in clothing, especially those left lying on the floor. The brown recluse spider also loves dark places, so you should be careful when you are rummaging around logs, rocks, and dark spaces of storage facilities in your home. You should be careful when going through your attic and it is always advised that you out on the lights, or open the curtains and then wait for 30 minutes before venturing into dark rooms. Should you get bitten by a spider, you need to know whether it was a brown recluse or not. Here are some of the characteristics that you should look for in order to make a positive identification.

1)      The first thing that you should determine is whether you live in an area that is designated as “home” for the brown recluse. There are other types of recluse spiders but the brown recluse has a clearly marked area in the southeastern region of the United States. Even here, the spiders are very hard to find, and this is why they were aptly given the name “recluse”.

2)      The brown recluse has legs that are in a slanted position. You can look at the body from the side and see if there is a continuous slant of the legs, making them look like the body is at the apex. The legs of this spider do not have any spines, or spikes, and are smooth instead. Most other recluse spiders have spines or spikes. The legs also have one smooth solid brown color without any mottling, streaking, or inclusion of other colors.

3)      The brown recluse has 6 eyes and are paired in diads (groups of two), on the front and sides of its head. The other spiders may have 8 eyes, or if they have 6 eyes, they will be arranged in triads (groups of three).

4)      The brown recluse is perhaps one of the most symmetrical spiders in nature. It has angular legs, smooth coloring, and the eyes are also arranged in neat groups. The other spiders have eyes that are not symmetrical.

5)      The brown recluse has a relatively small body when compared to its legs. The body is about 3/8 of an inch. The abdomen has a lot of hair even if it has a uniform brown color.

6)      Although the brown recluse seems to be uniformly colored, making it one of the dullest spiders in nature, another common characteristic is the fiddles that are found on its back. The spider has a mark on its back that is shaped like a violin, and some people say that it looks like a spoon. The violin is not definitive since it is found on the backs of other spiders as well.

These are some of the characteristics that allow you to identify a brown recluse. The bite is dangerous and immediate medical attention must be sought. It is wise to visit the doctor whenever you are bitten by a spider, irrespective of which type it is.

Brown Recluse Spider  - Pictures

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brown recluse spider pictures

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